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    Simplicity out of Complexity

Strategic added value

Minimization of time and costs, quality improvements

The use of BI Director gives measurable economic advantages.

The necessary time for design, implementation and documentation and associated costs are drastically reduced. This is made possible through the comprehensive data flow for all project phases as well as various analysis possibilities. Read more about the project phase support of BI Director.



Cost Cutting

Sustainability of central concepts, integration of new developments

Concepts can generally be followed and controlled so that new projects and architectures can easily and transparently be embedded in existing structures. The integration of new developments can easily be carried out because the BI Director allows a solid documentation and system control which can be updated by just pushing a button.

Revealing unused data architectures

Basically it can be said, that InfoCubes which are not used by the business department waste money. The BI Inspector reveals how often existing architectures are being used. Thus unused architectures can be identified and optionally archived.

Monitoring of advanced BI development and modeling approaches

The compliance of advanced development and modeling approaches such as LSA (Layered Scalable Architectures) and central objects can be efficiently monitored with the BI Director.

Improvement of quality

Sustainable documentation

The quality of BI solutions is raised to a constant sustainable level. Requirement analysis, design and specification as well as later documentation are constantly connected with the system on the basis of automation-assisted processes. System level and documentation are not separate anymore; they are combined uniformly from the start.

Optimization of the operation

The BI Inspector contains an operation application in order to monitor and analyze process chains. Thus monitoring dashboards can be created which allow further analyses e.g. running time statistics. Documents (Word, Excel etc.) can be embedded into these dashboards. Thus, issues such as loading problems can be detected and solution possibilities can be found. This function allows an improved dialogue between your development- and operating teams.


No user training is necessary to use BI Director modules. The intuitive graphical user interface is based on Windows-standards. Every application supports Microsoft ribbons. The ergonomics of the applications is one of the central aspects to which special attention has been paid in the development of the complete software package.