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    Simplicity out of Complexity

Support of project phases

Simplicity out of complexity

BI Director makes the complexity of BI projects and BI architectures manageable. The software supports every project phase of a BI project. The project is held together through a coordinated document flow.


Requirements analysis

When analyzing the requirements of a BI project you can specify modeling objects from a business perspective and use the BI Inspector for an efficient actual analysis of the existing structures in your BI system.


In the specifications phase you determine the technical details. You can define the typical BI objects such as InfoCubes, InfoObjects, key figures etc. in detail on the verbal level. You can design data flows graphically and or include them into existing data flows. In this phase you can also use the BI Inspector for an efficient actual analysis.

Implementation and test

In the implementation phase you can monitor and analyze the project progress with the BI Inspector. The BI Inspector revolutionizes BI project monitoring. Its use ensures that no specific architectural parts are missing and prevents unwanted redundant file copies being created. On the basis of graphical data flows or on the basis of documents created in the specifications phase you can follow the project progress by an automatic system balance and you can renew the data flows or documentations automatically with meta data that emerge in the system. Furthermore, you can monitor the project progress with analyses on the basis of the graphical representation of the architectures, and simplify the monitoring phase.


The documentation effort is reduced dramatically if you have already maintained the preceding phases with the BI Compendium. Update your documentation with the latest meta data from system objects and complete your documents – if need be – with operation instructions or similar contents. Even not yet documented but completed projects can still be documented with the BI Compendium at the push of a button.


In the operating system you can use the analysis and documentation function of the BI Director efficiently in order to maintain a constant overview and gain quick insights. A clear presentation of process chains simplifies the operation.

New developments and change requests

For new developments or change requests, the BI Inspector is the ideal tool, allowing you to evaluate and design the inclusion into existing architectures.