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The software package BI Inspector offers a graphical user interface in the style of Microsoft®VISIO or PowerPoint which allows the visualization of existing architectures and data flows from SAP NetWeaver®systems, as well as the planning of new architectures.

Thus you can capture the “Big picture” of your Business Warehouse system easily and you can consolidate and check your layer architectures concepts comprehensively. Data flows from your BI system can be extracted automatically and semi-automatically and visually formatted. Once formatting is set up, it can of course be saved and supplemented by your own objects in order to plan the next version of your architecture.

The BI Inspector contains more than 80 objects from the areas SAP BW (Backend, Frontend, integrated planning and process chains) SAP BO and soon SAP HANA.

The design of HANA applications is already possible with our freeware BI Painter. The user interface is designed to prepare large BI architectures.


Automatic visualization of existing data flows

Existing data streams can be automatically extracted and visually prepared. This allows the creation of a system overview in a short time. (BI 10,000 feet). The object reference is thereby never lost because detailed features of all objects can be observed at any time.

For each object all the necessary background information and details are available with a mouse click. In Backend, obtaining such information requires laborious work from the administrator workbench or the Query designer. This way you can efficiently see details of objects and comprehend the construction of a data flow up to the Queries.

Planning of new data flows

In the phases of planning and design the BI Inspector offers valuable help whereby elements and data flows can be planned as if using a dashboard, and they can be compared against the implemented actual state. The acceptance of new architectures shows if the required integration concepts such as layer models or central objects have been followed.

The software package BI Inspector does not only contain all objects from BI Backend; reporting - and planning objects as part of an architecture can also be included. In the automatic extraction and generation of data flows these objects have already been included. For the creation of small architectures and the targeted expansion of existing data flows an object dictionary of all NetWeaver objects is available for you. Here you can quickly find the desired objects with the help of filtering mechanisms, and include them via drag’n’ drop in your architectural graphics. Data flow components such as transformations and update rules are optionally added automatically.

Ergonomic graphical user interface

The software stands out because of its ergonomic graphical user interface.

The various objects from the sections SAP NW backend, frontend, BW on HANA, SAP IP and SAP BO can easily be included into the drawing surface from the ribbon via drag’n’drop. A special wizard which collects file architectures completes the user guide.

Processing of layer-concepts

Modern layer-concepts can be directly anchored in BI Inspector visually and provided with descriptions. Thus the creation of the complete business warehouse can be simplified, and reusable data bodies become transparent. Templates for the LSA (Layered Scalable Architectures) and the LSA++ layer model of SAP are included in the package.


The BI Inspector contains an operation application in order to monitor and analyze process chains. Thus monitoring dashboards can be created which allow further analyses such as runtime statistics. Documents (Word, Excel etc.) can be embedded into these dashboards. Thus, loading problems can be detected and solution possibilities can be found. This function allows improved dialogue between your development- and operating teams.

Interplay of the modules

The visualization of the BI Inspector is completely integrated into BI Compendium:

    • Graphics can be imported as screenshots.
    • A choice of documentation sections is generated in a BI Inspector architectural graphic on the basis of the objects.
    • The BI Compendium and the BI Director are based on a common file format. Corresponding files can be opened and edited in BI Inspector as well as in BI Compendium.

      The analyses of BI Q are displayed in BI Inspector graphically.

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