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Documentation of the extra class
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With the BI Compendium SAP BW and SAP BO systems can automatically be documented and issued in the output formats Word, HTML, PDF or Excel. The latest meta data are automatically read from your Business Warehouse. The documentation process supports implemented objects as well as planned architectures (business blueprint). The documentation can be flexibly provided with chapters and subchapters. Individual comments can be included in the documentation.


Automatic documentation of BI architectures

The integrated collector allows the compilation of BI architectures automatically (Source to Target or Target to Source).

  • Collection of the data flow starting from a Query to a DataSource (top-down).
  • BI architecture based on a DataSource to the Queries (bottom-up).
  • All objects starting from a MultiProvider (data flow before and afterwards).

Each object is provided in the document with an automatically generated data flow.

Even extensive documentaries can be quickly and efficiently generated.

Flexible document structure

The table of contents of the documentary can be comfortably structured by drag’n’drop. New chapter headings are included at the push of a button. Starting from a NetWeaver object the table of contents can easily be enriched via the following functions:

  • Data flow before
  • Data flow afterwards
  • Data flow to source
  • Data flow to target
  • Dependent Objects

Inserting comments

With each BI object and each structure node, files can be integrated. These documentary contents can optionally be synchronized with the SAP NetWeaver® and are thus available in the transaction RSA1 in the section ‘documents’. Practice has shown that this common supply of documents has essentially simplified cooperation among business, development, and operation departments. For example, there is no longer the need to search for documents on network drives.

Any MS Office file can be attached to NetWeaver objects and can be embedded in the documentation. Thereby, the files (where provided) can be optionally included in the documentation or included as attachments to the document.

Output templates in corporate design

For the output of meta data there are features available for every type of object, which can be summarized into one document template. The package contains template suggestions for the target-groups ‘operating department’ and ‘development’. These can be adapted to the corporate design. The creation of templates allows documentation to be oriented towards a target-group without any essential additional effort.

Exploration of meta data

The integrated meta data explorer and object preview in MS Excel provide a very efficient instrument to investigate your meta data and thereby answer questions, which would otherwise require a great investigation effort.

Here is an insight into questions which can easily be answered with the BI Compendium:

  • “Show me all the formulas and selections in a certain Query / in a certain number of Queries!”
  • “Does the mapping of my MultiProvider in system A correspond with system B?”
  • “Give me an overview about who has last changed which InfoProvider of a certain type!”
  • “Give me an overview of all calculated key figures and the formulas used therein!”
  • “Which InfoObjects are used in which InfoProviders?”
  • “Which Queries of an InfoProvider contain which InfoObjects?”
  • “Give me an overview of all reporting variables and their characteristics!”
  • “Which planning functions are available on my aggregation levels?”
  • And many more questions.

Interplay of Modules

The documentary of BI Compendium is completely integrated into BI Inspector.

  • Graphics can be imported as screenshots.
  • A choice of documentation sections will be generated on the basis of the objects in a BI Inspector architectural graphic.
  • The BI Compendium and the BI Inspector are based on a common file format. Corresponding files can be opened and edited in BI Inspector as well as in BI Compendium.

The analyses of BI Q are displayed as text in BI Compendium.

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