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    Simplicity out of Complexity

BI Painter HANA Edition

Our BI Painter helps you to plan your SAP BI and SAP HANA architectures as on the drawing board.

You can download the freeware for free.

Are you fed up with using PowerPoint to plan and document your SAP BI/SAP HANA architectures? Are you annoyed at having to cut down data flows so that they fit into slides? Are you losing the necessary overview?

If that is the case, our BI Painter will help you! It has been designed to visualize BI-architectures. It enables you to draw and model integrated data flows (end-to-end) without giving up a high level of detail.


Integrated visualization

A huge variety of visualization elements gives you the chance to structure your architectures with specially designed formatting options into a modern Enterprise Data Warehouse Concept. By applying the BI Painter you will manage the implementation of general architectural requirements according to Layer Scalable Architectures (LSA) or LSA++ during the planning of your architectures. You can visually plan the implementation of business requirements and easily integrate new requirements into existing data warehouses. By applying this integrated visualization approach you can easily identify reusable data warehouse components and reporting scenarios.

This approach brings the weaknesses of your data warehouse to your attention and you can react to them immediately.

Related objects are easily marked by coloring or grouping them. The introduction of a multi-layer architecture can visually be planned more easily or existing layers can be visually separated.

Attention to detail

The BI Painter draws your attention to details such as data dependencies (e.g. transformations and look-ups) and makes them transparent. Central objects and their integration into the data warehouse are instantly recognizable. With these insights you can push the configuration of concepts such as central objects, and you can dissolve data dependencies or plan them carefully.

BI Director

Do you still create your SAP BI documentation by hand? The BI Painter is compatible with the BI Director package. Simply include your drawn architectures in a generated documentation and thus create a professional documentation at the push of a button. Here you can get more background information about the automatic documentation of NetWeaver systems.

feature list

  • Typical graphical elements for Business Intelligence.
  • Graphic elements to visualize an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) concept according to Layer Scalable Architecture (LSA).
  • Graphic elements to visualize SAP HANA architectures.
  • Export function into common graphic formats.
  • Runs standalone. No installation necessary.
  • Standard Windows-look and feel (hotkeys, drag’n’drop etc.)

Screenshots and example architectures

Customer retention Beispielarchitektur mit GUI

Graphical User Interface (HANA ribbon)

CO-PA: Integration of Business Content

Business Consolidation - Demo Architecture

Integrated Planning (IP) - Demo Architecture