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BI Director

Our software package BI Director offers you an extensive product portfolio which supports you in various phases of the implementation of BI projects.

The BI Director consists of the applications BI Compendium, BI Inspector und BI Q. These products support you in documentation, design and quality assurance of your SAP Net Weaver®systems. Most of the analyses of the BI Q are available for free. The BI Director exclusively uses standard RFC components of SAP®. It is possible to install only a single application.

The applications BI Compendium and BI Inspector are closely interlinked. Information is stored in a common file format and can be opened in both applications. Visual data flows may be used in this manner as a template for documentation in BI Compendium. Conversely, the documentation of the BI Compendium allows automation-assisted architectural design in BI Inspector.

The application BI Q can be used standalone or as a plug-in with both, BI Compendium and BI Inspector. In BI Compendium the BI Q analyses are displayed as texts, whereas in BI Inspector they are shown graphically.

Additionally the freewareN BI Painter HAA Edition belongs to our product portfolio. BI Painter is a painting program which can be used to plan cross-system applications. The character set contains all the objects from SAP BW, SAP BO and HANA (native).

With BI Compendium, SAP BW and SAP BO System can be documented. The documentation process supports implemented objects as well as planned architectures (business blue-print). The table of contents can thereby be defined flexibly and provided with chapters and subchapters.


For each BI Object and each structure node, formatted body texts can be written. These documentation contents are synchronized with SAP NetWeaver® and are available in the transaction RSA1 in the section “documents”. In practice it has been found that this common supply of documents simplifies the process of cooperation between development and operation. This eliminates the need to search for documents on network drives. Any MS Office file can be attached to NetWeaver Objects and can be embedded in the documentation. Thereby, the files are (where provided) optionally included in the documentation or included as attachments to the document.


For the output of meta data there are features available for every type of object which can be summarized into one documentation template. The package includes template proposals for the target groups business department and development. These can be adapted to the corporate design. The creation of templates allows documentation to be orientated towards target-groups without any significant additional effort.


  • Busines department
  • Developer
  • Operation


  • Automatic documentation of BI architectures
  • Flexible document structure
  • Inserting comments
  • Synchronization of documents with NetWeaver
  • Templates oriented towards target-groups in corporate design
  • Output formats: Word, Excel and HTML
  • Exploration of meta data

The application BI Inspector offers a graphical interface with which not only existing architectures and data flows from SAP NetWeaver® systems can be visualized but also new architectures can be planned. In so doing, elements from Backend, Frontend and integrated planning (IP) are considered.The user interface is designed to prepare large BI architectures.


In the planning and design phase the BI Inspector offers valuable assistance whereby elements and data flows can be planned as if at a drawing-board, and can then be compared against the implemented actual state. With the acceptance of planned architectures it can be seen whether compulsory integration concepts such as layers models or central objects have been followed.


Existing data flows can automatically be extracted and visualized. This allows the creation of a system overview in a short time. (BI 10,000 feet).However, the object reference is never lost as detailed features of all objects can be seen at any time.


The BI Inspector contains an operation application in order to monitor and analyze process chains. Thus monitoring dashboards can be created which allow further analyses such as runtime statistics. Documents (Word, Excel etc.) can be embedded into these dashboards. Thus, loading problems can be detected and solution possibilities can be found. This function allows improved dialogue between your development- and operating teams.


  • Project manager
  • Developer
  • Operation


  • Visualization of existing data flows
  • Planning of new data flows
  • Processing of layer- concepts
  • Professional visual layout
  • Detailed view of object meta data
  • Export possibilities in various graphical formats
  • New: operation application to monitor and analyze process chains

For the support of project control and operative system management the BI Director offers the application BI Q with which projects and architectures can be efficiently monitored. The package contains various analyses from the areas project controlling, sizing, ABAP-checks and name conventions which can be directly used. Most of the analyses can be used for free.


  • Cross-system comparison of objects
  • DSO/InfoObject Where-Used Including cross-reference in programs, classes and function blocks
  • BO impact Analysis: What impact do Cubes and Queries have on the attached BO system?
  • Reporting usage of InfoProvider
  • Systemization of your BI applications

Ein Verzeichnis aller Analysen inklusive Screenshot und Analyseergebnis finden Sie hier.


The analysis result is optionally prepared as a visual representation or as a report. This offers you the possibility to track down problem areas system-wide (BI 10,000 feet) and to ask for more background information for concrete problem objects.


    • Project manager
    • Developer
    • Operation


      • Integrative platform for architectural analyses
      • Large scope of analysis
      • Technical description and visual preparation of the analysis resul