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How often will there be new releases?
We are planning two releases per year.

How can I get the latest releases?
The latest release can be downloaded via our download-portal.

What do I have to pay attention to when installing the application?
Ideally, you will have installed and set up a SAP GUI locally in your working place. Thus, you can take the links from the SAP GUI directly. If you would like to use the connection with SAP BO, you also need to install the BO Client Tools.

Object types and systems

Which documentation output formats does the BI Director support?

Which image output formats does the BI Director support?

Which SAP systems beside BW are supported by BI Director?
SAP BO, eine Anbindung an HANA (nativ) ist in Planung.

Which object types are available?
Over 80 object types are available:
Query, InfoCube, MultiProvider, Characteristic, KeyFigure, DataStore, InfoSet, InfoSource, Transformation, Routine (RSAABAP), DataSource, HybridProvider, Semantically Partitioned Object, Open Hub Destination, Process Chain, Process Chain Variant, OpenHubDestination, DataTransferProcess, UpdateRule, InfoSource 3.x, TransferStructure, DataSource 3.x, Web Application Designer Template, Reporting Elements, Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure, Workbook, Variable, Structure, Planning Function, Planning Sequence, Aggregation Level, Characteristic Catalog, Key Figure Catalog, DataStore Catalog, InfoCube Catalog, InfoSet Catalog, MultiProvider Catalog, HybridProvider Catalog, Semantically Partitioned Object Catalog, InfoSource Catalog, Transformation Catalog, DataSource Catalog, Query Catalog, Calculated Key Figure Catalog, Restricted Key Figure Catalog, Variable Catalog, Empty Object, Picture (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG), BI Inspector Object Import, Transformation Coding Snippet, DDIC Object Directory, Function Module, Program, Table, Structure, View, Class, Inspector Object Cache, Layer Section, Header, Analysis Process, Role (3.x), Analysis Authorization (7.x), Role Catalog, Analysis Authorization Catalog, Advanced Da, Composite Provider, Open ODS View, SAP-HANA-Analysisprocess, Representation of embedded file, SAP BO WebI, SAP BO OLAP Connection, Annotation: Folder element for files, HANA Attribute View, HANA Analytical View, HANA Calculation View, HANA Table, HANA Virtual Table, HANA Decision Table, HANA Package, HANA Stored Procedure, HANA XSEngine, HANA SAP River Project and HANA Analytic Privilege.

System requirements and installation

What are the system requirements?
See below

Which installation instructions have to be observed?
See below


How long can I use the demo release?
30 days

What are the installation instructions/ system requirements?

  • You do not need any administrator license to use the trial version.
  • The applications run completely on the basis of RFC communication so that no SAP transport is necessary.
  • System requirement for the hardware: 2 GHz PC with 32-Bit or 64-Bit Processor, 2 GB RAM.
  • System requirements for the software:
    • SAP NetWeaver®
    • Microsoft Windows® in den Versionen XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
    • Microsoft .NET Framework® 3.5 SP1 oder höher
    • Microsoft Office® 2002 oder höher
    • VC++ Runtime 2005 SP1

How can I get the demo release?
The latest demo release of the BI Director application can be downloaded from our download-portal.

Licensing and costs

The price for the license is calculated individually on the basis of the size of your system and the number of users.

We will send you a personal offer on your request.