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18 Aug 2017, 10:30
The core feature of this release is the automatic upload of documents. The compendium has a new option in the “Generation dialog” that allows to create single documents per section and to automatically upload those documents to the corresponding BW objects after generation. The Inspector allows to draw HANA objects. This feature must be enabled in Inspector settings with the option “Show HANA objects”. After enabling this feature Inspector has a new tab “HANA” in the ribbon. This feature is disabled per default.
30 Mar 2016, 10:30
With the new BI Director Release v3.1 the connection to Business Object has been completed. All important BO authentication methods are now supported.
13 Oct 2015, 16:30
The release contains substantial enhancements for the applications BI Compendium®, BI Inspector and BI Q. The BI Director for the first time offers the possibility of including new types of objects from the BO and HANA, and a new, clearer user interface. Furthermore the BI Inspector contains an operation application in order to monitor and analyze process chains. Thus monitoring dashboards can be created which allow further analyses such as runtime statistics. Documents (Word, Excel etc.) can be embedded into these dashboards. Thus, loading problems can be detected and solution possibilities can be found. This function allows improved dialogue between your development- and operating teams.
27 Apr 2015, 02:21
A new key feature is the integration of the BI Q reports into the BI Compendium and BI Inspector respectively. Furthermore, this release includes a newly created BI Director Launcher. With this application, you can start all BI Director applications by a central component. You can link the file type .BIPROJ to this launcher and open .BIPROJ files by double clicking them in the Windows-Explorer with your preferred application.
25 Jul 2014, 03:22
With the new stand-alone application BI Q you can analyze and ensure quality of your NetWeaver® BI System with just a mouse click. The analysis result is summarized as a report and can be output to Word, Excel or HTML.