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Click here to download the latest version of the software package BI Director.
The software package contains the modules BI Compendium, BI Inspector and BI Q.

More information about the latest Version of BI Director v3.2

New features

The core feature of this release is the automatic upload of documents. The compendium has a new option in the “Generation dialog” that allows to create single documents per section and to automatically upload those documents to the corresponding BW objects after generation.

The Inspector allows to draw HANA objects. This feature must be enabled in Inspector settings with the option “Show HANA objects”. After enabling this feature Inspector has a new tab “HANA” in the ribbon. This feature is disabled per default.

Revisions / bug fixes

BI Inspector

  • Revision to alter the technical name of BW objects
  • Incomplete graphs “Source / Target missing” can be imported
  • Queries related to Composite Providers are collected and are displayed in the architecture

BI Compendium

  • Fields of Composite Providers are available for documentation
  • Query catalogs specified by “search patterns” are documented correctly
  • Problems changing technical names have been resolved


Depending on the individual Windows version, there were problems to load BI Q. Those problems are resolved.

Click here to download the latest version of the software package BI Painter.

Release History BI Director

Release v3.1 - 30/03/2016

With the new BI Director Release v3.1 the connection to Business Object has been completed. All important BO authentication methods are now supported.

The release contains numerous enhancements for the applications BI Compendium® and BI Inspector. The most important are listed below.

BI Compendium

  • The generation dialog allows the selection of alternative templates
  • Attachments can be positioned after the object header or at the end of a documented object
  • Translation problems (documentation in German) has been resolved for particular Office-Versions
  • The documentation of key figures in structures has been simplified

BI Inspector

  • Bug fix – Renaming of objects
  • Bug fix – Renaming of attachments

Furthermore, the built-in object collector has been enhanced by the following functionalities:

  • Bundling of SPOs based on collecting heuristics lead to a better collection result
  • BI Compendium always allows the preparation of collection result based on a template

Release v3.0 - 13/10/2015

The most important features are:

  • Operations application to monitor process chains with BI Inspector (s. below)
  • Persistent connection with a Business Objects Server (Pair)
  • Simplified and unified Graphical User Interface in all applications (Ribbons)
  • Centralization and standardization of customer templates
    E.g. customers can connect a word template with their BI Director template to further standardize the documentation.

New object types for Visualization (cross-system data flows) and Documentation

  • Business Objects WebIs, Business Objects OLAP Connection
  • NetWeaver 7.4 BW on HANA:
    Advanced DataStore-Objects, Composite Providers, Open ODS Views, SAP-HANA-Analysis-Processes
  • Open Hub Destinations

Operations application
Process chains are made available for visualization. As a result monitoring dashboards can be created that allow for further built-in analysis (e. g. runtime statistics). The option to place documents on the canvas enables customers to document data loading issues and how to resolve them. This feature becomes handy do improve the dialog between the development and the operations team.

Customer Template
The existing template has been fundamentally revised. One central template for all applications has been made available. Customers can customize their template through a centrally accessible dialog.

BI Inspector

  • Introduction of a start page: Central functionality is made available through an easy to use start page
  • GUI fundamentally revised: Introduction of ribbons
  • Import and creation of common file formats as objects on canvas
  • New objects: Hyperlinks, Email templates and Bookmarks
  • Execution of definable actions directly from canvas.
    E.g. Open selected object in NetWeaver

BI Compendium

  • Introduction of a start page: Central functionality is made available through an easy to use start page
  • GUI fundamentally revised: Each chapter has distinct properties
  • File handling: Import of files and creation of new files is possible for all common file formats and can be included for every chapter
  • Improved overview of document structure by introducing new node types
  • Auto Catalogs: Easy creation of catalogs by distinct rule sets
    E.g. Catalogs for characteristics and key figures of objects contained in the Table of Contents
  • Option to document data flow:
    For each object a data flow is automatically created
  • Application of naming conventions for blue print objects
  • Comparison of generated documents (versions)


  • Multi-Connectivity: One master connection
  • New Analysis to compare object details across systems

Release v2.2 - 27/04/2015 - Major Release


  • New Report (Beta) – BO Impact Analysis: This report checks, which of the selected InfoProviders or Queries (or Queries on selected InfoProviders) are used by BO Objects on a BO system. (This requires a BO Client Tool to be installed e.g. Analysis – Edition for Office)
  • New Report – DSO Where Used: Extended Where-Used list for DSOs, which finds references in e.g. transformation/programm/function module codings etc. Furthermore the report searches for usage as basis InfoProvider in Queries, usage in InfoSets etc.
  • New Report (Beta) – InfoObject Where Used: Extended Where-Used list for InfoObjects, checks InfoProviders, Transformations, Queries, Programs, Function Modules and Classes.
  • New Report (Beta) – Average Query Runtime: Determines average Query runtimes.
  • New Report (Beta) – Load state: Reads the most recent load state for InfoProviders.
  • New Report (Beta) – Query Variable Analysis: Allows for a flexible reading and filtering on query variables.
  • New Report (Beta) – Reporting Activity of User: Shows the number of query executions by certain users.
  • New Report (Beta) – Reporting Usage of InfoProvider: Shows the usage of InfoProviders in reporting.
  • New Report (Beta) – Top N Queries: Shows the most used queries.
  • New Report (Beta) – Top Query Users of InfoProvider: Shows the main users of queries on certain InfoProviders.
  • Feature – Report Inactive Objects: This report now supports additional object types.
  • Feature – Executive Summary: The Executive Summary of the reports now contains hyperlinks which allow the user to directly navigate to the report details.
  • Feature – Saving parameters: On selected reports the entered parameters can be saved. These parameters will be loaded when opening the report again. In case of object selections these parameters may be saved for different systems at once, see dialog File --> Settings.

BI Compendium

  • Feature – BI Q Integration: The BIQ reports may now be started from within the BI Compendium. The objects in the documentation composer will be used as object preselection (if possible).
  • Feature – Table of contents in Excel: The table of contents of created Excel documents now links to the created subchapters.
  • Feature – Field Customizing: The deselection of a group header in the Field Customizing now deselects all subelements as well.
  • Feature – Pictures in Excel: The output of pictures in generated Excel documents is now possible.
  • Feature – Cache load window: The cache load window was recreated to focus on the relevant information. It shows details on demand (this also applies to BI Inspector and BI Q).
  • Feature – Add adjacent: Adding objects to the documentation by using the context menu and the "Add adjacent“ function now supports objects being caught by correctly defined layer objects. This function has to be activated in the program settings.

BI Inspector

  • Feature – BI Q Integration: The BIQ reports may now be started from within the BI Inspector. The objects on the canvas will be used as object preselection (if possible). The result can be applied to the canvas objects.
  • Feature – Subtype determination: The identification of an object now determines the correct subtype as well (e.g. DSO --> Write-Optimized DSO).
  • Feature – Query as an InfoProvider: Queries that are used as InfoProvider are now supported by the architecture import and the BI Directory (for the architecture import this also applies to the BI Compendium).
  • Feature – News: The first page of the BI Inspector now shows a dynamic website which will show news in the future.

Release V2.010 - 19/12/2014 - Minor Release

Note: BI Director V2.0.1.0 allows connections to NetWeaver 7.4 systems.

With this release a new series of analysis are available in beta-version.

  • InfoObject Where-Used (beta): This report reveals where InfoObjects are used. The following reference types are analyzed: InfoProviders, Transformations, Queries, Programs, Function Modules and Class Methods (DDIC items!).
  • Query Variable Analysis (beta): This report allows to filter on Query Variables with flexible filter options.
  • Average Query Runtime for InfoProvider (beta): This report determines the average runtime of Queries for selected InfoProviders. The result may reveal bad InfoProvider design.
  • Reporting usage of InfoProvider (beta): This report determines the reporting usage of selected InfoProviders. The result may show the importance of selected InfoProviders for reporting.
  • Top Query Users of InfoProvider (beta): This report reveals the top reporting users of selected InfoProviders. The result can be used to inform relevant users whenever selected InfoProviders are modified.
  • Load state (beta): The last request status for selected InfoProviders is listed.
  • Top N Queries (beta): This report shows the most frequently used Queries.
  • Reporting activity of User (beta): This report shows all executed Queries of selected Users.
  • Development Class (beta): This report determines the development class of selected objects.
  • PSA Management: Performance improvement.

BI Compendium

  • Feature: Documentation of SAP roles with real user name.

BI Inspector

  • Feature: Paste format of items to other items.
  • Feature: Applying styles is more intuitive.
  • Feature: Checking for updates.
  • Feature: Reset position of property window.

Release V2.000 - 25/07/2014 - Major Release

BI Q - New stand-alone application

With the new stand-alone application BI Q you can analyze and ensure quality of your NetWeaver® BI System with just a mouse click. The analysis result is summarized as a report and can be output to Word, Excel or HTML. The current version of BI Q is a beta-version.

The medium-term strategy is to replace the existing analysis framework (old BI Q) with the new easy to use stand-alone application BI Q. The amount of available reports will be increased by new ideas frequently. As of beta-version 2.000 the following reports are available:

  • Characteristic References: This report shows all characteristics that are being referenced by another characteristic.
  • Code Check: The Code Check profiles transformation routines for potential performance issues, e.g. loops in a loop or select singles.
  • Cross-System Existence Check: The Cross-System Existence Check compares the existence of a set of objects in different systems. The set of objects can be manually defined, e.g. objects of an architecture can be selected in the development system and compared against production system regarding their existence.
  • Data Load Errors and Warnings: In a system-wide scan this report shows warnings and errors in data loads for a given span of time.
  • Find DataStore References in Transformation Routines: This report scans the code of a user-defined set of transformations regarding lookups on DSOs in their start-, end- and expert routines.
  • Find Transformation Routines referencing a DataStore: This report scans the code of all transformation start-, end- and expert routines for lookups on a user-defined set of DSOs.
  • Inactive Objects: This report reveals all inactive objects for a user-defined set of objects. Easily a system-wide view can be chosen.
  • Modification of User: This report reveals all objects changed by a user in a given span of time for a user-defined set of objects. Easily a system-wide view can be chosen.
  • PSA Management: This report shows an estimation of the size of selected PSA tables. It also provides background information about process chains dealing with the PSA tables.
  • Query Version: For the estimation of downward compatibility this report shows the version of a user-defined set of queries (3.x vs 7.x).
  • Hierarchy Explorer: This report shows all characteristics having reporting hierarchies. The hierarchies are listed with their names.
  • Routine Finder: The Routine Finder examines the existence of routines in a transformation. The check is performed for start-, end- and expert routines.

BI Compendium

  • Feature – New catalogs: Catalogs (lists of objects) are now available for the following object types: InfoSources, Transformations, DataSources, Roles and Analysis Authorizations.
  • Feature – Automated architecture collection in template documents: Architecture objects collected with the documentation Import Wizard are now directly assigned to corresponding template layers of template documents if object type and technical name match type and technical name pattern of template layers.
    To use the new feature define a template structure that matches your documentation needs. For selected sections (corresponding to template layers) define an object type that should be caught up by it. Open a new project based on this template. Use the ‘Import Wizard’ from Ribbon ‘Table of Content’ to collect the objects you want to document. The Objects will be inserted in the appropriate section of your structure. No manual adjustment is needed any more.
  • Feature – Authorization and role collection: The collection is now available underneath “Object Details”.
  • Feature – Role long text: Role long text is now output in documentation of authorizations.
  • Feature – Several new output options for query documentations:
    - Feature: General query properties (e.g. display of result rows) are now output in an own sub section of the query documentation.
    - Feature: New output customizing options

    Restricted key figure selection values (restrictions) and calculated key figure formulas can be excluded from documentation output. The exclusion of details is now used in the output customizing 'Business View' delivered by conesprit.

    Hidden structure elements (display option 'Always hide') in rows or columns which can't be displayed on query execution by the end user can now be excluded from documentation output. The exclusion of (always) hidden structure elements is now used in the output customizing 'Business View' delivered by conesprit.

    - Feature: Key values for display options for key figures are replaced by descriptive texts: 'Always hide', 'Always show', 'Hide (Can be shown)'
    - Feature: Charcteristic hierarchies selected in query definition (free characteristics, rows, columns) are part of the documentation output
    - Feature - Standard output customizing: The output cutsomizing 'Technical View' is now the standard selection on documentation generation.
  • Feature – Enhanced information on application cache load on startup.

BI Inspector

  • Feature – Enhanced information on application cache load on startup.

Release V1.600 - 27/08/2013 - Major Release

BI Compendium

  • Feature – Documentation of Authorizations: Add Roles or objects from Analysis Authorizations to your table of contents. On document generation all authorization objects and details are added to your generated document.
  • Feature – Enhanced output of Query documentation: Output of Exceptions and Conditions.
  • Feature – Enhanced output of ABAP coding: Formatted code output for Transformation Rules and Coding Snippet sections.
  • Feature – Enhanced output of Transformations: Output enhanced by display of constant values for rule mappings of type constant.
  • Feature – Enhanced output of Process chains: Output enhanced by display of mail at red and mail at green event for process chain variants.
  • Feature – Language override on document genereation: Choose label language for document generation independent of language used for login. E.g. Generate an English documentation for your offshore team for your German system.
  • Feature – Saving document generation settings: Document generation settings can now be saved in a .BIPRSC-File, i.e. in the file formerly known as field customizing. Thus saving of output settings and field customizings are combined in one file and can be distributed as output standard in a company.

BI Inspector

  • Feature – Preview of diverse elements: Improved preview of object meta data according to approvement notes given for BI Compendium.


  • Feature – Diverse ergonomic improvements
  • Feature Easy way to replace certificate via login screen

Release V1.510 - 22/02/2013 - Miscellaneous Improvements

  • User Manual revised and translated into German
  • Automatic warning, if license will expire
  • Improved performance of analyses

Release V1.504 - 12/11/2012 - Minor Update

Overall user manual revised.

Release V1.500 - 21/09/2012 - Major Release

BI Compendium

  • Feature – Startup wizard: Following our out-of-the-box approach users are guided to create a table of contents by a wizard. Beware of the fact that analyses can be selected from the startup wizard, too.
    This wizard pops up during the startup of BI Compendium but is also available through menu item “File > Show Wizard”.

BI Inspector

  • Feature – Startup wizard (similar to BI Compendium): A startup wizard has also been integrated into BI Inspector. This startup wizard helps you to create visualizations e. g. from scratch. This startup wizard allows selecting
    analyses as well.
    The wizard pops up during the startup of BI Inspector but is also available through menu item “File > Show Wizard”.
  • Feature – Integration of tab “Documents” as a property of items. As a result you can manage documents for selected objects through the item’s properties.
  • Feature – Integration of tab “BI Q”. BI Q analyses are now available as item properties.


  • Feature – The shipment of analysis functions and analyses has been fundamentally revised. As a result new functionalities are automatically imported when executing new releases the first time.
    Visit the BI Q analysis director to get an overview of new analyses.
  • Feature – The analysis functions settings have been revised. New attributes such as disabling analysis functions were integrated.

Release V1.413 - 22/06/2012 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature – Data flow collection: Via right click on a documentation section in the table of contents depending objects (predecessing or succeeding object in the data flow) can be added automatically.
  • Feature - Selection of multiple sections in table of contents: In the table of contents multiple sections can be selected now. The selected sections can be repositioned or removed at once.
  • Feature – Enhanced object details Collection: In the object details browser a double click on an object type in the object type tree filters on the double clicked object type.
  • Feature - Document symbol in table of contents: Sections / objects having a document attached are marked correspondingly.

BI Inspector

  • Feature – Formatting automatically collected architectures: The formatting of automatically collected architectures has been improved by a new algorithm. In addition to this the formatting performance has been improved dramatically.


  • Feature – Context sensitive analysis: Mark a set of documentation sections in BI Compendiums table of contents or mark a set of objects on BI Inspectors visual representation of a data flow. Right click the selected set of objects and directly execute an analysis against the selected set.
  • Feature – Excel export of analysis result: In the list overview the list result of an analysis result can be exported to Excel now. Use the Excel representation of the analysis result to inform your developers or the operation team of potential issues in your architectures.

Release V1.401 - 07/05/2012 - Support of NetWeaver 7.3

BI Compendium / BI Inspector / BI Q

  • Feature – Hybrid Provider: Support of documentation, visualization and analysis of NetWeaver 7.3 Hybrid Providers
  • Feature - Semantically Partitioned Object:Support of documentation, visualization and analysis of NetWeaver 7.3 SPOs.
  • Feature - Documentation: Support of new NetWeaver 7.3 InfoProvider properties in the documentation (BI Compendium)

Release V1.3 - 28/03/2012 - New BI Compendium User Interface

BI Compendium

  • Feature – New user interface: Completely new graphical user interface with ergonomic and intuitive handling.
  • Feature - Enhanced formatting of text description: Use MS Word as external editor for formatting of your text descriptions.

Release V1.206 - 31/01/2012 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature - New section category Object Blueprint: Write a blueprint for an object which is not yet existing in your NetWeaver system. Once the object is implemented in Netweaver BI Compendium can be forced to detect the implementation by a synchronisation function. After a successful detection the object type is changed to an Object Details Section. On documentation generation from then on metadata is extracted automatically. Furthermore the blueprint can be uploaded to Netweaver as an attachment of the object in Netweaver then.

BI Compendium / BI Inspector

  • Feature - Performance metadata output: Improvement of performance of the metadata output for reporting objects.


  • Feature - New frontend analysis functions (VB/C#): Active checks, existence checks

Release V1.205 - 02/12/2011 - BI Q Frontend Analysis

BI Compendium

  • Feature – New object browser: The new object details browser enables you to browse through all NetWeaver objects available for documentation at once on one single screen. Filter system-wide through all available information columns at once on this screen. E.g. search for a MultiProvider and find all related Calculated Key Figures, Queries or Structures created on this MultiProvider. E.g. search for a DataStore and automatically find all Transformations or UpdateRules related with this DataStore. Etc.


  • Feature – Frontend analysis functions: If you are using the BI Director Analysis Framework you now have the option to create new analysis functions directly in the BI Director frontend with Visual Basic or CSharp. Quickly create a new analysis and share it with your colleagues via import and export functions. You can even create complex libraries and share them with your colleagues. When you create complex analysis sequences, consisting of various analysis, you can combine ABAP and VB/C# analysis in your sequences.

Release V1.102 - 05/07/2011 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature - Documentation of process chains: With this new feature you are able not only to document process chains you will also get a completely new view on the items in your process chains. Also sub chains in a chain are incorporated in the documentation output. As for all documentation sections you can upload your manual documentation description to NetWeaver and you can also customize the output in a very detailed level.

Release V1.100 - 10/05/2011 - SAP GUI Connection

BI Compendium / BI Inspector

  • Feature - Support of SAP GUI as connection technology: If the SAP GUI is installed on a client work station then the installation of the SAP RFC connection library is not necessary anymore. Just start BI Director and connect to your SAP system. The RFC communication is completely handled via SAP GUI.

Release V1.009 - 31/03/2011 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature - Improved cache load time: The cache load time has been improved down to 1/3rd of the previous load time.

BI Inspector

  • Feature - Improved cache load time: The cache load time has been improved down to 1/10th of the previous load time. In addition to this the memory consumption of the cache has been reduced to round about one-third.
  • Feature - Mouse wheel scrolling: Mouse wheel scrolling function to zoom in and out architecture details at mouse cursor location.
  • Feature - Cache statistics: Table cache statistics in the main menu.


  • Feature - Integration of BI Q in the BI Compendium: This feature enables the appliance of BW system analysis from a system point of view in addition to BI Inspectors architecture point of view.

Release V1.008 - 22/02/2011 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature - Enhanced meta data exploration: A preview of detailed object meta data is now possible in the collect section and in the documentation composer. A preview in an integrated HTML explorer or in MS Excel is possible.
  • Feature - Support of 3.x queries: Support of documentation of 3.x queries.
  • Feature - Support of reporting structures: New section for global reporting structures "Object Details -> Reporting -> Structures".
  • Feature - Support of restricted key figures: New section for restricted key figures "Catalogs -> Reporting -> Rstricted Key Figure Catalog".
  • Feature - Enhancement of collection screens: Enhanced and consistent usability of all collect screens.

BI Inspector

  • Feature - Flexible screendump resultion: Screendumps are output with a constant resolution independent of the zoom level (recommended 96 DPI). A higher resolultion can be chosen optionally.
  • Feature - HTML meta data explorer: Detailed object meta data preview is possible via "Rightclick -> Preview" for one or multiple selected objects on the drawing canvas. The preview functionality is supported for MS Word, MS Excel or in the integrated HTML Meta Data Explorer.
  • Feature - Selecting multiple objects: Selection of multiple objects by holding the CTRL key pressed.
  • Feature - Visual alignment: Alignment options for objects on the drawing canvas.


  • Feature - New ABAP analysis functions: New ABAP analysis functions for checking active status of objects.

Release V1.007 - 07/01/2011 - Portal- / SSO Ticket-Authentication / Launch of BI Q

BI Compendium / BI Inspector

  • Feature - Support of portal- and SSO Ticket-Authentication: Portal- and SSO Ticket-Authentication are supported for connection configuration.


  • Public launch of BI Q – Your tool to automatically assure your development guide lines.

Release V1.006 - 01/09/2010 - Miscellaneous Improvements

BI Compendium

  • Feature - Additional filter options in the BI Compendium: A string input in the filter textbox is now applied to any occurences of this pattern in technical object names and not just on the beginning of a technical name. Example: The filter-input "AS" will now search for all technical names containing AS anywhere. This enables also efficient searches for technical name postfixes.

BI Inspector

  • Feature - Integrated help: Documentation for the BI Inspector user interface is now available as an integrated application help.

Release V1.00 - 01/06/2010 - Launch of BI Compendium and BI Inspector

BI Compendium

  • Public launch of BI Compendium V1.00 – Your tool for documenting BI architectures.

BI Inspector

  • Public launch of BI Compendium V1.00 – Your tool for the visualization of BI architectures. BI Inspector replaces BI Painter and adds online connectivity to your SAP NetWeaver system.

Release V1.00 - 15/12/2009 - Launch of BI Painter

BI Painter

  • Public launch of BI Painter V1.00 – Your tool for visually planning BI architectures.

Release History BI Painter

Release HANA EDITION V3.2 - 31/03/16

The release contains the following enhancements for the application BI Painter

  • Bug fix – Renaming of objects
  • Bug fix – Renaming of attachments

Release HANA EDITION V3.1 - 16/10/2015

In version v3.1 the graphical interface of the software has been completely revised. The revision now contains additional graphical elements for HANA, BW on HANA and BO.

Release v2.2 - 2008

This is the initial version of BI Painter. The number of the version has been adapted to the version of the BI Director package.